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Dan-Loc Group has more than 200,000 standard size ring joint gaskets in stock and available for immediate shipment. These include all popular sizes of “R”, “RX”, and “BX” style gaskets. Dan-Loc Group stocked gaskets include Low Carbon Steel, F5, 304, and 316 materials.

Dan-Loc Group is licensed to use the API Spec 6A Monogram (License No. 6A-1867) on all sizes and materials of manufactured ring joint gaskets.


Meeting ASME B16.20 specifications, Dan-Loc Group R style gaskets are available in both oval and octagonal configurations and are interchangeable on modern flange grooves.


This is a pressure-energized adaptation of the standard R gasket. Interchangeable with the R style gasket, the RX gasket provides a more effective seal option for higher system pressures.


These pressure-energized ring joint gaskets are designed for system pressures up to 20,000 psi. They allow virtual face-to-face contact of the flanges to ensure that the gasket is fully trapped on both the inner and outer diameters.


This is a seal consisting of a ring joint gasket totally encapsulated in a profiled nitrile rubber coating.